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     The brown spotted yellow-wing dragonfly is representative of the ancient flying insects (about 300 million years) that feed on other insects, particularly mosquitoes.
     The American Cockroach is one of these common species found in Florida.
     A true swimming insect, it is often found on land as well. These live only in fresh water and are attracted by light.
     The striped scorpion generally inflicts a painful sting, but unless allergic, it is not fatal. There are three species found in Florida.
     Typically found in transitional areas, the female rests with her head towards the center of the web.
     The Crablike Spiny Orbweaver spider builds a vertical web with few strands near the center. It also is know to string a single strand and generally replaces its web daily.

   An excellent reference is "Florida' Butterflies and Other Insects" by Peter D. Stiling

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