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Welcome to birds in the Natural History Room of the Florida Keys
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     Unlike most owls, the burrowing owl is active in the day time (diurnal), lives is ground burrows and has long legs. Note the owl in the hole.
     The screech own is Florida's smallest owl and has ear tufts of feathers. As seen above, it may be one of three color patterns and all three patterns may be in the same brood. In theory, this at least one color will match its habitat and aid in its survival.
     It is capable of a blood-curdling screech, however its normal noise is a soft, mournful "cooing."
    A stocky, wild and dark color pigeon with a white crown. The are often seen in the Keys and nest in the mangroves. They eat the berries of the poisonwood tree and other wild fruit.      
     Unlike its relative the Red-Tailed Hawk, the Red-Shouldered Hawk prefers wet and marsh lands. It is recognized in flight by the heavy dark broad bands across its tail.

     Shaped like a huge Barn Swallow, it is often seen soaring effortlessly. It distinguished by its white head and lower parts (usually whiter than shown). It is aloft most of the time and generally drinks while skimming over the water.
     Often is seen perched on power lines along water bodies or hovering over water ready to plunge after food. It is a solitary, large headed and has a heronlike bill.

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