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1935 Labor Day Hurricane shelf.
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- Building FERA Veteran Camps -

     The only FERA camp to have a harbor was Camp 3 on Lower Matecumbe Key. Water access was through the Channel 2 and Channel 5 bridges. All camps had railroad spurs although the later constructed Camp 5 was primarily for personnel.
     Shown above is construction material piled along the highway for building FERA Camp 1 on Windley Key. FERA had leased the Snake Creek Lodge as a hospital which was about a 1,000 feet away. Camps 1 and 3 were probably started near the same time.
     Meanwhile, after the harbor area had been dredged, piles were driven for docks. This bridge was the first project and the bridge was to go straight to Fiesta Key, which is a few thousand feet shorter than following the railroad route via Craig Key.
     Vets camp 3 continued to be expanded. Not only did it house personnel, but there were also considerable equipment and material to be stored.
     A 1935 glimpse at a working camp on Lower Matecumbe Key - Camp 3
     Camp 3 is far into the background. Forms were built around these piles and filled with concrete and blocks of coral from Plantation Key. Seven piers (sometimes eight at low water) survived mother nature and man, and are visible to the bayside at MM 73. Now for the Plantation Key quarry.
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