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Below are a collection of images concerning the KKEC. Many are from newspapers and lack resolution. Any original photos will be appreciated to make this page a more comprehensive resource of Florida Keys history. They are in no particular order.  The e-mail tab at the bottom of this page will connect you to me.

The Board is representive of the community leaders of 1960. See below as lsited above as of 1960: 

-Lynn of Islamorada is a representive of the Allen Adding Machine Co. of Penn. and on the Board since 1957.
-Ralph of Marathon  is the Co-Op attorney, moved to Marathon in 1952 and became the Co-Op attorney in 1957.
-Charles of Islamorada owns the Treasure Isle Cleaners, came to Miami from Penn. in 1945 and to the Board in 1954.
-Eugene of Tavernier was born in Key West, a charterboat captain, elected to the Board in 1946 and president in 1948.
-George of Marathon moved from Chicago in 1951 and to the Board in 1958.
-S. J. Bond of Key Largo moved from Miami in 1950 and to the Board in 1959.
-Joseph of Key Largo moved from Miami in 1949 and to the Board in 1950.
-John of Marathon is a Texaco Oil distribut, moved from Miami in 1951and to the Board in 1959.
-William of Marathon is the owner of the Kingsail Motel, moved from Maryland in 1956 and to the Board in 1959.
-Everette of Tavernier is the son of Everette Albury, who was the son of William Albury who was the son of Joseph Albury who homesteaded in Tavernier in 1882. He was elected to the Board in 1955.


John is the son of John Henry Russell who was the son of Richard H. Russell who moved to Key West in 1838, then to Key Vaca and on to Upper Matecumber Key about 1854.

Eugene Lowe is the son of Leonard Lowe who was the son of Amos Lowe who moved to the Keys during the Civil War.

James is a graduate of Auburn and had worked with G. E. and F.P.&L. before joining the Co-Op in in 1958. He replace H. L. Martin upon his retirement.

Clark is a Florida native of Marion County and graduated from a diesel school in Memphis, Tenn.

Warren is a Keys native and worked for the A & B Fish Company before joining the Co-Op.

Walter is from Indiana where he entered the field of accounting. 

Angela moved from Maine in 1955 to operate the office.

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