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     Shown above is Ex-President Harry Truman presiding of the Monroe County Commission in the 1960s. Harry Harris of Tavernier is Mayor of the commission. Harris visited his sister, Mabel, became a Tavernier businessman and was elected County Commissioner during WW II. 

     Hugh Merritt Matheson (1886 - 1952) inherited much of father's, William J. Matheson, south Florida holdings. Of particular interest in the Keys was the 280 acre island of Lignum Vitae Key. The island was sold to three Dade County partners in in 1953.


     Above is John Pennekamp at the 1976 dedication of the Marvin Adams Waterway conducted at Harry Harris Park.

     Above is Roland Craig of Craig, Florida (Now Craig Key) with the piece of railroad track that he clung to during the 1935 Hurricane.

Above is William J. Krome who came to Florida in 1899, surveyed routes for the FEC railroad to Homestead, Cape Sable and Key West. Worked as the assistant Chief Engineer for the Key West Extension construction from 1905 to 1909 and then as the Chief Engineer. 

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