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Red Cross House Case

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This page by Jerry Wilkinson

     After the 1935 Hurricane the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) constructed 28 concrete homes for residents who owned property and lost their homes.  Note: They also built four wooden structures - two commercial; and two residential.
     There were one, two, three and four bedroom houses. The appearance was the same except the more the bedrooms, the longer the house. They were configured differently inside, but the width were the same. 
     The lower section is a water cistern divided into two compartments. The walls, floors, partitions and roof were reinforced concrete. See page 2 for construction. 
     Above can be seen the effects of the salt water concrete and the steel reinforcement bar. Rusting caused the "spauling." 
     The outside walls are 12 inches thick and easily reparable. Above is a beach home in Islamorada. Let's go and build a Red Cross house through photos. 
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