Welcome to the Coral Reef of the Florida Keys
This page by Jerry Wilkinson


     The undersea world of the Florida Keys coral reef is as vast as the above terrestrial world.  The natural history portion of the site is behind because of my lack of knowledge. To take another natural history step forward this page is a series of images taken by Rick Fenner on a ocean patch reef off of  Key Largo. There is series if photos in no particular order and I offer no comments. So pretend you are snorkeling and enjoy the scenery. The more educated can enjoy the background and all the sea life.
      Click on any photo to slightly enlarge and then use back arrow to return to this page.

    - To view a few selected tropical reef fish click HERE.
   - To take a visual tour of selected submerged cultural resources click  HERE
   - To take a visual tour to the reef lighthouses click HERE.
** The above photos were provided by Rick Fenner of Key Largo.

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