Overseas Highway Case
Welcome to "equipment" used in building of the Overseas Highway.

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This page by Jerry Wilkinson

     This page is self explanatory to construction related personnel. Please pay attention to the background where there is any. Amateur photography is difficult on a sunny day on freshly scraped white coral rock.
     The above is a relatively rare photo of an early concrete mixer.
     In other photos trucks shown were the Diamond T brand.
     This photo is probably related to building the Card Sound bridges.
     The railroad was used to transport most heavy construction onto the Keys. 
     The crushed rock was coated with sand and then sprayed with oil and allowed to harden. This would form a asphalt like surface.
     The steam roller was essential to forming a packed and flat surface to spread the sand and spray the oil.
     One use for the rock crusher was to make aggregate for concrete.

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