By Jerry Wilkinson

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    Islamorada as a location name began in 1907 when William Krome platted a Upper Matecumbe Key subdivision titled "Townsite of Islamorada." Subsequent events perpetuated the name such as the naming of the railroad depot and establishment of the Islamorada Post Office in 1908. The use of the name slowly spread through usage even though in unincorporated Monroe County. 
     After considerable study and an area vote, Islamorada incorporated on January 1, 1998 by the Florida Legislature as "Islamorada, Village of Islands"  is basically four separate and livable islands. Also included are two islands that are part of the Florida State Park system, Indian Key and Lignum Vitae Key and one private island, Tea Table Key. There are also small off-shore islands. Each island has its own unique history. So rather than repeat each island's history or loose some while condensing, each island has a link below. If you are not familiar with the locations, a basic location map is provided. After clicking for a small map, select your area of interest with the cursor then click the colored box at the lower right and scoll the map. To begin please click HERE for a basic location map. 

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1. The northern island is Plantation Key. Plantation Key
  2. Farther south is Windley Key. Windley Key
    3. Upper Matecumbe Key has the original community of Islamorada. Upper Matecumbe Key
       4. Lower Matecumbe Key is the southern most unless Tea Table Key (one house) are included. Lower Matecumbe Key
          5. Indian Key is the earliest community and once was the county seat of Dade County. Indian Key
              6. Lignum Vitae Key, the "Wood of Life" Key  and once the private island of William J. Matheson. Lignum Vitae Key
                7. Tea Table Key, Fort Paulding during the Second Seminole War and now a private island.  Tea Table Key                  

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