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  •    Key West Hawk Missile Photos
  • By Jerry Wilkinson
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       Other than being assigned to a NORAD radar station, my knowledge of the HAWK missile is extremely limited. With that said, I have collected a number of photographs of the period that were, or were associated with Key West HAWK deployment. My comments are limited and are intended only as memorabilia.

    Key West Sites Map
    Above is a map of the HAWK missle units in the Key West area.
    From left to right is Key West, Stock Island, and Boca Chica.

    Key West Hawk Map
       An enlarged aerial of Key West and part of Stock Island with annotated HAWK sites
    Key West Hawk 6X6
    An unidentified scrapbook clipping from the Key West Citizen newspaper of 1962.

    CWAR Antenna at Key West
    A HAWK CWAR antenna on a beach some place at Key West.

    Kew West Haek snapshot
    A scanned snapshot at Key West

    KWC Hawk article
    This undated Key West Citizen newspaper clipping is on file at the Key West Library at 700 Fleming Street. The last sentence state that the Commanding Officer is Lt. Col. Harry N. Roller.
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