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By Jerry Wilkinson

       Hurricanes and the Florida Keys are almost synonymous to many. Of course it is not true, but hurricanes exist, and should be a concern and understood, as well as respected. Unlike tornadoes and earthquakes, there is adequate warning if one is paying reasonable attention to the happenings around him or her. Hurricanes could even have too much warning time as they do change course, speeds, wind velocity, etc., so its presence could be forgotten over the extended hurricane warning period. Periodic weather media news checks should be a habit during hurricane season, especially between mid-August through October.
      This series of pages will begin with a general history of hurricanes, which the author suggests one reads first and it are listed first. From there, one's specific interests will vary; however, the author will list in order of recommendation. The first five are general Florida hurricane information. The remaining are specifically for the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane. The comprehensive general history page of the specific 1935 Hurricane is under construction, but twelve of its future links are offered as a substitute. Numbers (1) and (2) provide a basic understanding of that specific hurricane. The remaining will provide an in depth study of "reported information." Using the back arrow in the upper left portion of your computer screen will immediately return you back to the previous page. Go-to-links are placed at the end of each page for additional navigation. A link is also provided to Hurricane Donna.
       Much of this material can be found in the Islamorada Library at MM 81.5, bayside.

-  General History of Keys Hurricanes,  Click HERE.
-  Anatomy of a Hurricane,  Click HERE.
-  Selected Statistics of all Florida Hurricanes from 1900 to 1999,  Click HERE.
-  Florida Keys Hurricanes Through Time,  Click HERE.
-  The 1935 Hurricane   Click HERE.
-  Homepage of the World War One veterans who worked in the Keys, Click HERE.
The following twelve pages are supporting and/or additional reading for the 1935 Hurricane:
      (1) For the Weather Bureau map of the 1935 Hurricane,  Click HERE.
      (2) Map from the Miami Daily News, September 5, 1935,  Click HERE.
      (3) For Marjory Stoneman Douglas' description of the hurricane,  Click HERE.
      (4) For the published Monthly Weather Review, Click HERE.
      (5) For a War Department letter summarizing hurricane data collected in the Keys, 
      (6) For a Florida Emergency Relief Administration damage report, Click Here.
      (7) For the log of the Alligator Reef Lighthouse,  Click HERE.
      (8) For the 1935 census of the Upper Keys,  Click HERE.
      (9) For a Florida National Guard report,  Click HERE.
    (10) For portions of a U.S. Coast Guard report, Click HERE.
    (11) For the Key West Weather Bureau reports, Click HERE.
    (12) For four versions of the 1935 Hurricane path,  Click HERE.
-  For a comprehensive history tour of the 1935 Hurricane through photos, Click HERE.
-  The Florida Keys Memorial,  Click HERE.
-  Photos of Hurricane Donna, 1960  Click HERE. 

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