Log of the Alligator Reef Lighthouse, 1935
By Jerry Wilkinson
(The below handwritten document obtained from National Archives and transcribed by Jerry Wilkinson.)
“Form 30G, Dept. of Commerce, Lighthouse Service
“Jones A. Pervis, Keeper    James O Duncan, 1st Assistant
“September -  1st 1935          Quiet duty.
“              2                Securing against tropical hurricanes. on the afternoon of the second day the Barometer began falling. normal rating 29.98 fell as low as 27.35 by 9:30 P.M same day. 10 P.M. the Barometer began to rise and on the third day of this month at one o’clock p.m. the Barometer reading was 29.38 with very bad rainy weather. Strong wind from south the second day.  The wind was from the north east blowing a fresh breeze and increased to gale force by 4p.m.  6p.m. was a regular hurricane.  6:30 p.m. while lighting the lamp for the night, the lantern glass began to break, red sectors began to break, flying glass was danger to life. I left the watch room and hurried to living quarters, the doors began to break in, the keeper, and second assistant room, was badly damaged. to [sic] doors and water soaked beds and clothing. I managed to save doors in first assistant room, and the kitchen, the lens was completely wrecked, and other damage done by wind and water to the watch Room, and property there in. The Row boat washed away about 8 P.m. The launch no. 34 was in fair condition at 9:30 P.m. this was the last time we were able to be out side until the next day. The platform landing was completed wrecked and launch no. 34 gone. this is the worst hurricane I have experienced during the eleven years of service. The light will be out of commission until temporarily repaired.
        “Signed by Jones A Pervis  Rating Keeper”
- - - end - - -
       A Corps of Engineers’ letter by Col. Watkins,  dated March 30, 1939, stated that the low reading of the Carysfort barometer was recalibrated on November 22, 1935 to read 27.30 inches. Also, the barometer of Mr. Ivar Olsen of Craig, Florida was obtained and recalibrated from 26.40 to read 26.35 inches.        J.W.
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